Finding My Elbow, LLC
Finding My Elbow, LLC
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    Faith based and Non-profits

    The Power of Knowing Purpose ~ Delves into how possessing this knowledge shapes your decisions, value systems and goals.   

    Faith based

    Soul Sadness ~ provides insight into how negative life events can imprint the soul, leaving the residue of self-doubt, inner conflict and scars. Provides practical and spiritual tools for soul healing. 

    Faith based 

    Spiritual and Emotional Wholeness ~ in depth series that is directed towards the Believer serving in ministry, while experiencing crises within themselves. 


    Non-Profit and faith based

     Developing Leaders ~ Gives the attendee basic principles of identifying the leaders among them, identifying the leader who is attracted to the goal and the leader who is toxic.  This workshop will also aid the attendee to quickly identify operational levels, stages of development of the leader and how to shape the leadership qualities for optimum potential and achievement.     


    Roles ~ exploring this simple, yet dynamic word in the workplace, family, ministry and community. Expounding on the impact of role clarity, confusion, and conflict.   

    Non-Profit and faith based 

    Mental illness is your name~ provides a general overview of mental illness with social and societal stigmas being the focus.  Supports a therapeutic balance of existence. Focuses on identifying actions and behaviors that signals distress.    

    Faith based 

    We all have a story – Do you have a voice~ this in depth workshop pierces the layers of life, which leads to the core, which causes your cry not to be heard.  


    S.E.R.A.S. April 20-21, 2018

    Defining moments can occur when least expected, or when you are seated in a posture of expectation. These moments are usually intense and powerful, whereby evoking a response to action that equals the intensity and power of the moment itself! 

    S.E.R.A.S. can be described as a “Defining Moment!” Rarely does one encounter, in the same place, teachings and strategies which speak to ministry as well as the marketplace. Dare I go farther and say rarely; within the culture of “church;” does a person walk away with a clear vision for every component of life! 

    Apostle David A. Rodgers is being used to radically teach on how to build and repair covenant relationships, impart wisdom and love, ignite the pursuit of purpose again, tear down the strongholds of rejection, and promote The Kingdom of God!

    A Defining Moment! 



    Thanking God for a life changing word from Apostle David A. Rogers. The teaching ignited a fire in me. Vision and dreams that I have carried over 20 years ago have come to life. I will not let this word slip. My life and ministry will never be the same. Special thanks to Elder Carlene W. Lewis for bringing him to the city of Columbus, Georgia. Eternally grateful to Apostle Alecia and Pastor Ricky Biggers for hosting this  awesome impartation at The Sword & Shield International Ministries  Inc. 

    Pastor Brenda Baker 

    Faith Fellowship Worship Center 



    I had the privilege of attending The Apostolic Summit that was hosted in Columbus, Georgia and it exceeded my expectation.  Not only was the summit well organized by Elder Carlene Lewis, I was spiritually nourished in a season of frustration and God used Apostle David Rogers to provide the missing ingredients for the marketplace ministry that God entrusted me with. The solid counsel given literally catapulted me further in my assignment in just 7 days.  I fully support and recommend the conference and the content. Rhema moment…  

    Erica F. Brooks, I Know My Value Marketplace Consulting,

    SEWBOC - March 2-3, 2018


    The Spiritual and Emotional Wholeness in the Body of Christ Conference, a two-day event dedicated to addressing the often over-looked areas of emotional and spiritual pain in the local church. The 2018 conference was held on March 2nd and 3rd at the Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center in Columbus, GA.

    Success can be defined in many different ways and is viewed very differently depending on the viewing lens. Nonetheless there must be qualifiers to measure whether something or someone has achieved success. Regardless of how one defines it, the qualifier has to be present. They can be as simple as; improvement, forward motion, restored hope, or as intricate as completing a degree, starting a business, starting a family, or starting a ministry.


    The very nature of this conference was intentional in its goal to promote knowledge, to provide a safe space for the wounded soul to be healed, to bridge faith and physiology, to dispel religious lies, and to serve as a catalyst for positive change in the born-again believer! In one word, SUCCESS! 



    Attending both SEWBOC 2018 and the SE Regional Apostolic Conference was an amazing experience. I left refreshed and encouraged. The fire that once burned in my soul was reignited! Between the spiritual and financial guidance I received, I am well on my way to building generational wealth and continuing to walk out God plans for my life.  

    Adrienne Lee-Shepherd