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Finding My Elbow, LLC
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    Finding My Elbow?

    At one point in my life, I weighed close to 400 pounds and really had no clue how I looked to other people. I functioned well, was in a professional role, married with children, and fairly happy.  

    Then, one day I looked at a video recording of myself during a family gathering. I was shocked at how I looked, how I moved and walked!  I asked my family in all honesty, “Why didn’t you tell me I looked like this?” They said, “like what?? “You look like Lene.”  

    That was the beginning of my decision to have Gastric Bypass Surgery. So, fast forward one year after the surgery, I was seated on the exam table talking with the surgeon; we were discussing the amount of weight loss and how to maintain a healthier me.  At the end of the visit I stretched both arms out to the side and said, what can you do about my wingspan? We both laughed as he stated, “that can be fixed with more surgery.” I vividly remember saying out loud, and with a little laugh, while squeezing the excess skin hanging from my arms, “Maybe then I can find my elbow.” 

    That was an ah ha moment for me. I knew God had birthed findingmyelbow, and that it was part of my purpose to bring it to maturity. 

    It is no longer about weight loss and my journey, but about helping others on theirs. It is because so many people are buried under the weight of something, and those “somethings” hold us down, and hold us back from fulfilling our destinies.  

    ~ Elder Carlene W. Lewis.  

    Keynotes and Workshops

    Carlene W. Lewis delivers several keynote addresses and conducts several workshops and seminars for both the Nonprofit and faith-based organizations. Additionally, She is available to speak on a number of topics related to mental health and wholeness.


      Finding My Elbow, LLC is the producer of the Spiritual and Emotional Wholeness in the Body of Christ Conference (SEWBOCC). With the aim of positively changing the dynamics of the church experience, the conference offers participants tools for meaningful, holistic interventions, and reality-based methods of helping their congregants identify and sustain healthy coping mechanisms.