Finding My Elbow, LLC
Finding My Elbow, LLC
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    I am Carlene. This I say with ease and confidence. Discovering who I am is an amazing experience. Since an early age I’ve known I was “different,” but what did “different” mean? As much as I tried to understand it, there were no words in my young vocabulary to describe the expression of me.

    My personal experience of life this far has taught me that this journey can take you to places where you can either become crushed into hopelessness and despair, or propelled into purpose and destiny. I can only address you now because I took the latter.  

    I welcome the company of myself. Watching the unfolding of me is lovely. I can say this from the perspective of learning to appreciate all of me. I have the courage to admit there are needed improvements, the confidence and liberty to state and celebrate my worth and value as a person.  

    Arriving at this place wasn’t easy, and I didn’t do it alone. I had the foundation my parents laid, friends and mentors who believed in me and my potential. They exposed me to options and opportunities I didn’t know existed for me. More importantly, my faith, the life line that has kept me.  
    I understand now that my journey prepared me to be a voice of hope and safety to people who have been scarred emotionally and spiritually, often to the point of giving up, walking away and even considering suicide. I am also aware that both my professional and faith-based work are parts of my personal ministry and necessary for me to meet people in need where I find them and connect to them in a way which resonates with them.  

    I am exceedingly blessed to have the love and support of my wonderful, imperfect family, and friends. I am ever grateful for their understanding of the times I spend away from them in my commitment to helping others.   

    Finding My Elbow, LLC

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